Kathy Lien Coming to Sydney, Australia!

I will be on vacation for the next week but then I will be headed to Sydney for the very first time. I know that there are many Australians reading my blog and I would be delighted to meet you in person. Here is my itinerary. Hopefully we can cross paths:

Friday October 30 & Saturday October 31 10am – 5pm each day
Sydney Trading & Investing Expo (Oct 30-31)

My Presentations on Friday

12:30pm Warren Buffet for Traders
4:00pm 5 Ways to Trade Currencies

My Presentations on Saturday

12:30pm How to Think Like a Hedge Fund Manager
4:00pm Fast and Furious Trading Strategies

Monday Nov 2

6am-7am Watch me on Sky News. I will be Guest Hosting the business segment!

6pm – 10pm Forex Trading Master Class (Sign up!) – Marriott Sydney

Tuesday Nov 3

9:00am Watch me on CNBC Squawk Box Australia – I will be Guest Hosting!

12:20pm I will be on Bloomberg talking about Trade Opportunities

5:20pm Watch me on CNBC Europe


  1. Kathy, could you please tell if there is any way to get the info from the presentations you do on October 30-31? I (and I hope lots of your readers & fans) will appreciate that very high. Thanks.


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