My Favorite Forex Trade: AUD/NZD

My favorite forex trade right now is shorting AUD/NZD.

After hitting a 9 year high of 1.3124 last week, the rally in AUD/NZD is losing steam. I should have posted about this earlier, but I think there is still room for the currency pair to fall.

Last week, the Reserve Bank of Australia raised interest rates by 25bp to 4 percent but hinted that from here on forward, they will begin to slow down their pace of tightening. Having already doled out 80 to 90 percent of their planned rate hikes, the focus will now turn to the RBNZ who has not even started to raise interest rates. Granted, the Australian economy is doing far better than the New Zealand economy, it is time for New Zealand to catch up. In January, New Zealand turned its first trade surplus after 7 months of consecutive deficits and in February, business confidence hit a 10 year high. Yes my friends, a TEN YEAR HIGH. With numbers as strong as these, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand will most likely grow more hawkish, paving the way for a rate hike later this year.

Furthermore, 25% of New Zealand’s exports go to China and 25% go to Australia. Therefore the combination of higher commodity prices and strong growth in NZ’s most important trade partners should encourage the RBNZ to adopt a more optimistic tone when they meet later this week.

Finally AUD/NZD presents a good risk reward opportunity from a technical basis. It is currently trading at 1.2975 and if it rallies back above 1.31, the uptrend has resumed. Otherwise, there is no major support in AUD/NZD until 1.2775



  1. First of all congrats on your gbpaud call that was good.

    From technical point of view I think it would be a great opportunity if audnzd makes a lower high or failed higher high as that will be an excellent risk/reward ratio rather than opening the position at this point.

    Just my 2c worth :-)

  2. Hi Kathy… I like your work and analysis… And I can see your point. I think technically
    AUDNZD may be due for a shallow pull back into perhaps the 1.28s, but fundamentally there is nothing but divergence in these economies. The cross I believe should be a lot closer to 1.35 than say 1.25….

  3. I see above links mentioned to some sites which point to what Kathy said. Who are those fools who are following “Lien sees a short opportunity in AUD/NZD and generally sees a strong…” shouldn’t they be doing their own research rather than blame Kathy (later) if this goes South ??

  4. Hi Kathy,

    Yesterday I opened a sell position for the AUDNZD pair. Still, I feel i may have done it a bit early. How long do you think the rising trend will continue?


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