CNBC Interview: Reacting to the Calls for AUD to 1.70

Here is the second video from my CNBC Guest Hosting gig this AM from Singapore where I talk about the Aussie, commodity prices and commodity currencies:


  1. For AUD/USD to ever go up to 1.70, I think it would be more about USD/AUD falling to 0.59, if you catch my drift.

  2. AUD/USD growth depends not only on commodities but also on the fundamental situation in Australia. And the real estate market is kind of troubled there. If that bubble bursts, 1.7 will become completely improbable.

  3. I did not intend to imply that USD/AUD would fall to 0.59, I merely meant that AUDUSD could not rise to 1.70 on AUD merit alone, but rather on a (global) USD collapse of epic scale. Unlikely in the foreseeable future, notwithstanding US debt woes that everyone already knows about and is mostly priced in already.


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