Outlook for Euro (Fox Business) Interview

I was also on Fox Business today talking about my outlook for the EUR/USD. This was BEFORE euro fell below 1.20. Enjoy!


  1. I always enjoy your interviews but I think you are degrading yourself by going on a Fox program like that where they clearly have an agenda to try make the President and all Democrats look bad. While you were talking about the facts they were constantly going off on tangents spewing nonsense.

  2. Hi,

    I respect your opinion but I will have a hard time taking you seriously if you chose to go on a program like that where they clearly have a political agenda to smear Obama and Democrats.

  3. Hi, Thanks for your analysis and your forecasts are really good.

    I’m hoping for euro to make a correction of about 200 pips before dipping further down towards 1.6

    So, according to me, Monday should close high for euro as hungary has rubbished the comments made earlier on Friday which caused the fall of euro to 4 year low at 1.1956

    It is tough to buy euro now as interest rate decision seem to be non hawkish as many analyst predicting that it’s gonna be the same. So, hope that Monday, we see some good fortune for euro.

  4. The Census jobs do not “go away” in September as mentioned in this interview. About 50% of these jobs go away right NOW. The majority will go away beginning of July. That means, just take ALL census jobs out of the equation and you get the real picture.

    NOTE: the US appears to manipulate their numbers not unlike Greece and Hungary.


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