CNBC Interview: Outlook for EUR and USD

I was on CNBC last night talking about the outlook for the euro and U.S. dollar. If you caught the live hit, you would have heard me talk about the EUR/USD and how the rally yesterday should not be mistaken for a turn in the EUR/USD. “The sovereign debt troubles still plague the currency”


  1. Kathy, as usual great performance, you’re a doll :-)
    I agree with you for most part and believe the future of the EUR/USD is shaky at best. I think US dept along with EU dept problems are going to come out more and more making for a very volatile situation.

  2. >>Kathy, as usual great performance, you’re a doll ………

    Hopefully Kath wouldn’t mind if I use the above followers post as an example of dumb money vs smart money during my presentation to my investors. How one gets emotional/caught up rather than switching sides and taking advantage of it..



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