Kathy Lien on the U.S. Dollar

I was on CNBC Asia again this morning talking about the outlook for the U.S. dollar:


  1. Interesting points from Kathy n Kirby. My take is at Kathy says, it is a lot more of political posturing. It would not be in the best interest of China if the US fails in any way as China and US are really dependent on each other, though both countries wont admit it openly.

  2. If you are such an expert then why aren’t you trading your own money making $1000 a pip, such money would make any amount CNBC or any other network give you a paltry sum. The fact is you and any other analyst only make money “talking” about forex, not actually trading forex because if you did trade your own account you would most likely lose money, however talking and analyzing forex gives you a guaranteed stable income. foreign exchange currency “expert”? laugh.


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