In the Financial Papers: Today’s Top Forex News 07.08.08

kathysmallHere is the “In the Financial Papers Radio Broadcast” (Length: 6:01 minutes). The player should load automatically. Please let me know if you like it. Contact Kathy

In the Financial Papers:


Podcast Covers:
Fears of Loan Defaults Drive Sharp Volatility in Stocks
Pump Prices Hurt Americans Not Just in the Pocketbooks
G8 Leaders Playing Down Their Power to Reduce Oil Prices
German and UK Industrial Production Drop
Spain at Risk of Recession, Could Impact Entire Eurozone
Are Speculators Driving up Oil?
Bernanke Says Federal Reserve May Let Investment Banks Borrow Into 2009
Fed’s Wall Street Lending May Keep It From Raising Interest Rate This Year
Oil Falls for Second Day, Trades Below $138; Gold, Corn, Aluminum Decline
UK Could Cut Interest Rates This Year

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