Weak Dollar Affects Study Abroad Programs

Yesterday I talked about how the weak dollar has affected the Film Industry. Today, the Wall Street Journal has an article about how the weak dollar is affecting study abroad programs.

With the greenback down 20% against the Danish krone and up 4% against the Argentine peso in the past two years, there is a new trend of college students opting to study abroad in Asia, South America or Africa instead of Europe.


According to Geoffrey Bannister, president and chief academic officer of Cultural Experiences Abroad, a company based in Tempe, Ariz., that runs study-abroad programs, enrollment in the company’s Western Europe programs grew just 8% for next fall, much less than the usual increase of 20% to 25%. Buenos Aires, meanwhile, is getting a lot of interest, he says.

Read the rest of the article on WSJ.com (subscription may be needed)

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