Bloomberg Forex Training Videos

Bloomberg has introduced a number of Forex Trading (Training) Videos on their website. I contributed to a number of them:

These are the videos that I contributed heavily to:

FX Fundamental Analysis
Cross Currency Pairs
Carry Trade
Selecting FX Provider
FX Trader Profile
Technical Analysis
FX Trends

These are the videos where my contribution is brief:

FX vs. Equities
FX Trading Advice
Managing risk
The currency concept – at the end
Cost of trading – at the end

Hope you enjoy them!


  1. I have read one of your books titled ” Day Trading the Currency Market “, and it is a great book, and I am grateful for all your videos here.
    I am still a student of this market, although I have been trading for a few years, since I know that there is always something new to learn in this market.
    You are one of my role models, keep up the good work !
    Cyrus Ray


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