Reaction to Greece Bailout Package

I was on the Business News Network talking about the implications of the EU/IMF bailout package for Greece. Click on the image to access the video:


  1. Once again, great interview Kathy. I can’t believe she let you talk so long regarding taking Canadian Dollar to the U.S. when she meant taking the Canadian Dollar to Europe. So could have said something. Oh well. Great job!

  2. What will happen if the bailout is passed to the Greek government. I hope there will be no temporary spike on the EUR-USD because i don’t like it :). Gradual temporary upward would be okay, but not a spike which is crazy

  3. Miss Lien , We wish u the best

    I wish you will plug in some numbers
    on that FX 360 commentary , eg :
    Euro , you can put a floor saying 1.30 is the floor
    something like that!


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