Seasonality in USD/CAD

As you know, I love cases of seasonality. In the month of April, the strongest case of seasonality in forex can be found in USD/CAD. In 7 out of the past 10 years or 70 percent of the time, USD/CAD has fallen in the month of April. Take a look at the eerily strong pattern in the chart below. Unsurprisingly we are beginning to see USD/CAD repeat this pattern in 2009. There is also seasonality in the AUD/USD.



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USD/JPY: Seasonality This Week

For people who are familiar with my work, you may know that I love Seasonality studies! I have just picked up on a case of seasonality in USD/JPY that you may find interesting. Since 2000, USD/JPY has fallen 6 times out of the past 8 years. Although this is not a tremendous amount of data, it does represent 75 percent of the samples.

USD/JPY tends to have a bias to fall this week because there are usually large coupon and redemption flows happening around Feb 15. This leads to repatriation by Japanese investors out of US dollars and back into the Japanese Yen. We are already beginning to see renewed risk aversion.

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