Glick Report: Earnings and US Dollar

As you know, I am on Fox Business all week. Yesterday Alexis and I talked about the US dollar and it’s impact on earnings. Here’s her post:


If you get a chance to watch my show The Opening Bell at 9AM on Fox Business, you’ll see that I have a new guest host each week in a position we call “In Our Corner”. This week, Kathy Lien from is in our corner. And she is one smart cookie.

On Monday, she pointed out what percentage of Johnson & Johnson earnings were due to currency conversions (i.e. the weak dollar). I asked her this morning to take a look at the companies who have big international operations or who have benefited from a weak dollar because they are exporting more goods and whose earnings have consequently been positively impacted by the U.S dollar. Here’s a piece she sent me earlier:

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Wall Street Warriors

Boris and I are in the latest episode of Wall Street Warriors (we should be in the next one as well). Just click the image to watch online. Select the show from the main menu.

You also get to see what our offices at DailyFX look like and how we run our meetings!

I am standing right in front of my desk. As you can imagine, this was filmed last summer.

Wall Street War2