CNBC Interview: Will the Japanese Intervene?

I was on CNBC last night talking about the Japanese Yen and whether the Bank of Japan will come into the market again along with other key FX topics:


  1. Hi Kathy,

    Another great interview. I also find the myself wondering just how much weaker will the U.S. dollar (USD) become. It’s extremely weak now and yet we are still waiting for the FED to unleash its second quantitative easing policy which will further weaken the currency. But by how much? What is a reasonable estimate? The Australian Dollar (AUD) is beating the United States Dollar (USD) to the ground with an indescribable rage(metaphorically speaking of course), for it has just breached its highest level against the USD…ever. Just how much weaker will the USD become against the AUD? Parity is looking more and more attainable. The Euro is making a comeback and the CHF (Swiss Franc) is a monster that is currently stronger than the USD.

    So weak and wimpy USD had become? Benjamin needs to hit the gym.

    – Stephan Smith


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