Cyclone Yasi Transposed Over U.S. Map

Cyclone Yasi, a category 5 storm is expected to make landfall in Australia at midnight local time. The damage could be significant especially when you consider how large this cyclone is. My buddy at Barclays shared this map with me to give you a size of the cyclone. This satellite image shows the cyclone transposed over the map of the U.S. If the damage is significant, it could take the Australian dollar back below parity.


  1. Kathy,

    Honestly I find this comparison offensive. I’m aware that the media does not believe Americans to be well enough educated to accurately gauge the size of this cyclone in reference to such an unknown country as Australia. But seriously, this map is just sheer arrogance and should be removed.

    It shows complete insensitivity towards a State that is being shredded by one of the worst cyclones in history. What’s next? Let’s look at a equally ludicrous but parallel example. A homeless man get’s beaten up, his bones are broken and fractured and he may not live… but the media doesn’t believe this to be graphic or relatable enough so they show the High Def images of a supermodel who fell off her bike, sustaining the same injuries. More relatable to the public and an equal demonstration of the plight.

    Yeah, I know that’s a ridiculous comparison but I don’t care. Your example does no justice to the country at risk and lends no opportunity to educate those who may actually learn something form this… like where Australia is.

    You know, there’s a reason the rest of the world believes Americans to be ignorant… It’s not that they are, it’s because some of them produce this kind of crap.

    Shame on you. Pull it down.
    Luke, a proud Aussie.

  2. AUD should be below the parity against USD pretty soon because a little cyclone on the stock and commodities markets, I mean a correction up to 10% which should begin in the weeks to come, anyway my short EUR/AUD position is doing quite fine.


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