Video: What to Expect from ECB, BoE and Non-Farm Payrolls

I was on Fox Business this afternoon talking about the overstretched positions in the euro and British pound as well as the outlook for the ECB, BoE and Non-farm payrolls report

If the video doesn’t load, watch it here Kathy’s Fox Business Interview


  1. Kathy,

    Love the info, site, blog, books etc.

    Regarding the pound and euro – it seems like people really want to move past the Eurozone’s problems and focus on the UK “being the next Greece,” at least at the moment. But I don’t buy it – not that the pound won’t get hit, but it seems like the Eurozone has more risk/downside right now – because even if it gets past Greece, it has other problems. For instance, the UK can devalue and recover faster, while the Eurozone has to accomidate 16 different economies with one monetary policy. To me this signals sluggish growth for some time – not to mention the possibility of the euro’s own “next Greece” in Spain, Italy, Ireland. I don’t think either will happen – but it seems like a euro blow up is more likely than a UK one – just more downside and the fear about the pound is a little overblown. Perhaps my understanding of the UK’s problems is weak…


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