FX360.com Widgets

We’ve launched the first of many cool widgets for FX360.com. This one is for commentary. You can customize it any way you want – get just my commentary or Boris’, our technical analysts or all! Get 3, 4 or 5 of the latest stories with as little or as much detail as you desire. Let me know if you like it!

Customize your own FX360.com commentary widget


  1. I am always waiting for your comments befor making major decisions for my tradings. I highly respect your honesty and integrity in every aspects especially for your comments based on historical research in the past.

    At the very moment, I have been requested to transfer my account from GFT. to other company because I am Canadian resident.

    However, I really want with GFT with you, Can you assist me in any way to hold my account in GFT and work with you ?

    I had worked with FXCM more than 5 years with your guidance but had to transfer my account to GFT besause I ma BC, Canadian residence.

    If you can assist me in any way, I will be appreciated very much.

    Thank again !

    Soo Kil Seong, and Family,


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