FX Trading Ranges: How Much Have they Expanded since 2007?

We all know that the daily trading range of the major currency pairs have expanded, but by how much?

Compared to 2007, the daily average trading range for the EUR/USD year to date has increased 195%. The average range for GBP/USD has increased 150% while the range for USD/JPY has expanded by 140%.

Since the beginning of October, the ranges have exploded even further. The average trading range for the EUR/USD is now 300% greater than the range in 2007.

The biggest increase has been in EUR/AUD and the AUD/USD which saw their ranges rise by a jaw dropping 628% and 427% respectively!

Here is a table with all of the details (click to enlarge):

Source: Kathy Lien

Source: Kathy Lien



  1. Hi Keith, I have been reading your blogs from last couple of months. I do appreciate your blogs, these are informative and concluded over the facts. The same is with this one as well. I just have started Forex investment, almost 5 or 6 months back, and truly speaking, I have taken your blogs references and it helped me. Keep posting such good ones. Thanks once again.


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