Glick Report: Earnings and US Dollar

As you know, I am on Fox Business all week. Yesterday Alexis and I talked about the US dollar and it’s impact on earnings. Here’s her post:


If you get a chance to watch my show The Opening Bell at 9AM on Fox Business, you’ll see that I have a new guest host each week in a position we call “In Our Corner”. This week, Kathy Lien from is in our corner. And she is one smart cookie.

On Monday, she pointed out what percentage of Johnson & Johnson earnings were due to currency conversions (i.e. the weak dollar). I asked her this morning to take a look at the companies who have big international operations or who have benefited from a weak dollar because they are exporting more goods and whose earnings have consequently been positively impacted by the U.S dollar. Here’s a piece she sent me earlier:

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