US Dollar’s Performance Over the Past 30 Days

The Financial Times has a great graphic today highlighting the US dollar’s performance over the past 30 days:

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Source: Financial Times

Source: Financial Times



  1. I’m not sure what I’m seeing here. What this says is that everyone else is low with the Japan Yen on top and the US Dollar second?

  2. Dear Kathy:

    Just for the records

    The week are finish and in my platform in the week time frame the EUR/USD have a High price of 1.3530 and Low of 1.2623, this is a range of 907 pips, and this weekly range is the most large in the last 101 months, that’s because in the week than start the 5 of May 1995 the High value was 1.4358 and the Low 1.3428 with a difference of 930 pips.

    By the other side, the range in third place in this period (101 months) is 874 pips in the week begin the 28 of September 2008 with 874 pips (High 1.4575, Low 1.3701) and the fourth place is the week begin the 3 of August 2008 with 633 pips (High 1.5630, Low 1.4997).

    In other words, in the last 12 weeks, 3 of them are in the group of the four biggest weekly range in the last 101 months.

    Regards and Congratulations

  3. what is your forecast over the next 24 months for the USD against the EUR and your forecast for the bric currency basket against the USD? Thanks.


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